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Portable Fire Extinguishers

Make sure you're prepared for those critical first two minutes of a fire. Choose from a complete line of ANSUL portable fire extinguishers to protect your people and property.


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  • Types of Ansul portable-fire-extinguishers

• K-GUARD Kitchen Hand Portable Extinguisher
• RED LINE Wheeled Extinguisher Models 150-D, 350-D
• Dry Chemical Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Types of Ansul-Dry Chemicals for extinguishers

• FORAY Dry Chemical Suppressing Agent
• PLUS-FIFTY C Dry Chemical Suppressing Agent
• Purple-K Dry Chemical Suppressing Agent




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WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL equipment is a direct result of experience gained in the field on the world's largest and most challenging industrial fires. For decades, we have developed response equipment that has shaped our industry and led the way toward more effective response strategies, with a focus on firefighter safety.

Product available

Dry Chemicals, Fire Apparatus (OEM) Components, Foam Concentrates, Foam Proportioning Equipment, Hoses, Large Volume Water Pumps, Manifolds / Hydrants, Mobile Equipment, Monitors and Nozzles, Portable Extinguisher Systems, Storage Tank Protections, Valves and Valve Adaptors.


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William Eagles Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers was established in 1850 and is today one of the UK's foremost manufacturers of firefighting and protection fittings and equipment. The company prides itself on the quality of its products having a world-wide reputation.

Product available

Hydrant Valves, Pressure Reducing Hydrant Valves, Couplings and Adaptors, Blank caps and Plugs, Inlet Breechings, Suction Collecting Head, Dividing Breechings, Manifolds and Spool, In Line Pressure Reducer.


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snap tite product

line 1000The pioneer in the manufacture of 5" diameter hose, Snap-tite is the leader in durable, lightweight rubber-coated firefighting hose for the municipal and industrial markets—as well as agriculture and military. From attack and supply to suction, the Snap-tite brand delivers hybrid hose products purpose-designed to tackle the rigors of the fireground.

Product available

Firefighting Hose and Coupling.


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line 1000As a global manufacturer of fire fighting equipment and more, Akron Brass designs and manufactures products that meet the demands of the industry and help you perform your job safely and efficiently. Whether you need fire nozzles, fire fighting valves, monitors or the latest technology in vehicle electronics, Akron Brass has a large selection to meet your unique application. Our fire fighting equipment is safe and effective for your emergency situation.

Product available

Fire Nozzles, Firefighting Valves, Firefighting Monitors, Firefighter Tools, Equipment and more.


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line 1000For over forty years, Red Head Brass has been the leader in high quality fittings used primarily in the firefighting arena. Quality of product and safety go hand-in-hand, and we have refused to “cut corners”, use gimmicks, or lower the quality of our product to achieve another sale. Although we value every sale, we value even more the safety and lives of those brave men and women who depend on the performance of our products.

Product available

Couplings, Adaptors, Cap and Plugs, Elbows, Wyes and Valves, Wrenches, Gauges, Expanders, Water Delivery Systems, Parts & Accessories, Nozzle Tips & Discharge Pipes.


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